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marion leflour, brand strategy and positioning / organization, planning and business tools / online technology / e-commerce development / web strategy and content

for 20 years, marion leflour, nicknamed “lady stardust,” has been passionate about fashion and creative direction.  she has 12 years international experience in project management, team leadership and consulting in the technology sector.  structured, pragmatic, yet flexible, marion always demonstrates a profound sense for products and love for creative design.  her ability to lead multiple projects gives her a unique perspective and comprehension of effective operations.  her deep conviction and work ethic, along with a dynamic communication style, facilitate team work. 

through her blog, & blah blah blah, marion stays at the forefront of contemporary culture.  it provides an opportunity to continually nourish her creativity.

marion received her mba in global fashion management from the institut français de la mode.


bertrand jouvenot
brand strategy and positioning / business strategy / organizational management / online technology / e-commerce development / web strategy

bertrand began his career with club-internet and alcatel, as internet was emerging as new business platforms.  he then participated in the development of e-business solutions for PPR , before taking charge of marketing for the french brand Celio, and joining Cerruti's booard as executive marketing and communication. 

bertrand teaches at institute français de la mode in paris.  he is the author of several books, including Le Journal de BJ au bureau, translated into Chinese and Korean, Managing Softly, available in the US, Mode & Internet and The Inside Story of the Web (available in english).

continuing conversation and information on his books, including his “one web show” can be found at

bertrand graduated from the global fashion management executive program from the institut français de la Mode in paris (in collaboration with the fashion institute of technology and hong kong polytechnic university).   


cici xi
designer / artistic director / visual merchandising / brand management and positioning / sales / production

cici xi is based in Beijing.  founder and designer of her own label, cici.xi, one of the first chinese fashion labels, she now focuses her talent working as artistic director for other labels.

prior to launching her own creative studio in beijing (green phoenix and red dragon fashion studio), she was in charge of visual merchandising in china for Gianfranco Ferré as well as de Teng’s Clothing Company and Shunmei Clothing Group, both celebrated chinese fashion labels. 

cici received her bachelor’s degree in fashion design from the beijing institute of clothing technology and a diploma in art from the beijing culture and art university. 


cathy becq
sme business specialist / planning, strategy / creative consultancy / organizational structures and processes / financing, investment

cathy becq is based in Brussels where she has consulted small to medium-sized businesses (SME) for more than 15 years.  cathy is very specifically involved in creative professions, in particular, fashion designers.  in this field, cathy collaborates most notably with the flanders fashion institute (FFI), where she coaches young designers from the anvers academy.  she also works with the solvay business school where she helps young brussels-based designers develop business and sales plans. 

cathy’s expertise includes sme general management, business planning, strategy, investment research and business organization and structure. 

cathy is a graduate from the solvay business school (ULB).  cathy holds both a masters degree in both fiscal management and a certification in real estate as part of an executive program.  in 2006, cathy graduated from the global fashion management executive program from the institut français de la Mode in paris (in collaboration with the fashion institute of technology and hong kong polytechnic university).  


joshua williams
brand development / styling, editing / marketing, advertising / web design / e-commerce and web content / event production / sustainability

joshua williams is the founder of fashion consort, a new york based agency dedicated to fashion marketing, styling and creative direction.  his work has been featured in international magazines from dossier journal to west east.  his clients and partnerships include see.7 magazine (editor), emilie simon, andrew marc, wendi reed, ecofashiontalk and vh1 save the music.  joshua’s fashion retail experience spans 10 years in new york and philadelphia for companies including, lindsay phillips, inc. (vp of marketing), j.mclaughlin (director of marketing and e-commerce), bodyworlds (national director of retail) and clear channel entertainment (director of community outreach). 

joshua graduated with an mps in global fashion management at the fashion institute of technology, where he now teaches direct marketing and e-commerce.  he also leads the popular fit lecture series “faces and places in fashion.” 

joshua is part manager, part creative director and prides himself on his ability to bring people together from different backgrounds to collaborate and produce exciting results.  visit for more information. 


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